Today, it became to easy to earn a degree through online courses. many schools are allowing students to get a master’s degree online half the time.

In addition, for less time and be online it cost less than normal school cost. Generally, the fastest online master’s degree allows credit transfers that lead to a significant decrease in the master’s credit requirements.

With a master’s degree the chances of getting a high-paying and comfortable job is very easy. In fact, a 2013 study shows that master’s degree holders earned an average salary of $68,000 annually, where workers with bachelor’s degrees earn just $56,000.

It is also flexible and cheap because you don’t have to go to school every day, but you can study while you are staying at home. You see, you can work, manage your family, and still study.

What Is A Online Degree?

An online degree is an academic degree (usually a college degree, but sometimes the term includes high school diplomas and non-degree certificate programs) that can be earned primarily or entirely through the use of an Internet-connected computer, rather than attending college in a traditional campus setting. Improvements in technology, the increasing use of the Internet worldwide, and the need for people to have flexible school schedules while they are working have led to a proliferation of online colleges that award associatebachelor’smaster’s, and doctoral degrees.


What Are The Requirments for Determining Admission To A Master’s Degree Program?

Some tests are necessary before joining the master’s degree program. A Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a more common factor for graduate acceptance test. The Miller Analogies Test (MAT) is normally a one-hour test consisting of verbal analogy questions. If you plan to get an MBA, you must pass the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) entrance exam consists of questions that evaluate the skillsof reasoning, reading comprehension, and logic of incoming master’s in law students.

Top Online Masters Degree|Cost, Schools & Requirements

Transcripts are necessary for previous learning credits for continuing online master’s degree programs. You are also most likely to be asked to present letters of recommendation. The university will use these documents information, along with your other submitted information, to assess your experience and preparedness for a graduate-level program.

You will also be asked to provide a personal statement to admission to the online master’s degree course. Some programs may also require students to submit a sample of academic writing from their undergraduate years.

What is the Fastest Online Masters Degree in 2020?

Below are top Online Fastest Masters Degree :

1. University of Miami’s Fastest Online Master’s Degree Programs

This university holds various online programs and degrees that students can take advantage of. The University of Miami currently offers more than 180 undergraduate majors and programs. For students planning to take on sped-up learning programs, they can earn certification and MBAs within 10 months to two years.

This university’s most notable accelerated programs are MBA in Real Estate (40 credits), Master of Science in Finance (35 credits), and BSN programs (55 class credits). There’s a possibility of accelerated completion if you already earned credits from a previous learning experience. These types of programs answer the current needs of the growing global necessities for brokers or businesses planning to get into real estate, local and global investments and trade, and healthcare providers.

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2. Benedictine University’s Fastest Online MBA

Benedictine University has campuses in Lisle, Illinois (Lisle Main Campus) and E. Main Street Mesa, Arizona (Mesa Branch Campus). Within the university is a network of colleges and departments including the Goodwin College of Business, College of Education and Health Services, College of Liberal Arts, College of Science, and School of Graduate, Adult and Professional Education.

Students may want to take advantage of their Master’s in Business Administration online program that can be completed as fast as 12 months if you attend two classes in each session. If you’re opting for the traditional one time class, you can earn the masters in 22 months. The same applies to students who have not completed a prior related degree.

You can also opt to get the MBA program where students are required to take two classes for each session, as long as you already hold a related degree. In this fast-track master’s program, not only will you be taught the foundation courses for businesses; you will also learn critical analysis and essential decision-making processes.

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3. California Baptist University’s Online Accelerated MS of Accounting Degree Program

CBU is a private-owned University in Magnolia Avenue Riverside, California. It offers undergraduate and graduate courses in the academic fields. The Masters of Science in Accounting (MSA) program is for students who want to advance in their accounting professional.

Students with existing major credits can finish this accelerated course within a year. It’s a step above the undergraduate degrees that will take you closer to your dream of being a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Students will need 30 major units before they can proceed with attending CBU for an accelerated master’s.

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4. Indiana Wesleyan University’s Online Fastest M.Ed. in Special Education Degree

Considered one of the largest private institutions in Marion, Indiana, Indiana Wesleyan University offers over 90 degrees, many of them are offered online. You can get a Online Masters Degree of Education (M.Ed.) In Special Education online that can earn you 33 credits. 

This is specifically designed for teachers that are looking into specialized fields of educating students with mild to moderate learning disabilities.

Students can accomplish this certification in under two years or more by either passing at least one of the four CORE exams or completing a 3-hour credit in phonics. M.Ed in Special Education teachers find themselves lucrative jobs with an average of $46,158 and potential career growth.

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5. University of North Texas’ Fastest Online Master of Education Degree Program in Educational Leadership

Located in Denton, Texas, the University of North Texas holds 106 bachelors, 88 masters, and 37 doctoral degrees. Accelerated programs such as Online Masters Degree of Education degree in Educational Leadership is duly recognized by the National Council of Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

The aim of the graduate program seeks to advance students who want to take on leadership roles in the educational system in schools or school districts. This a 30-hour M.Ed. education that will require students to finish 10 Education Admin courses online. For students to finish this course within a year, they can take two courses for each session.

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6. Southern New Hampshire University’s Online Fastest MBA in Accounting

Southern New Hampshire University is situated in Manchester, New Hampshire. It offers a fast-track program for CPAs who are looking to enhance their accounting skills in the real-world set-up. The MBA in Accounting is one such a course to help students get a leg-up in areas such as capital budgeting, portfolio management, and other aspects in the financial market.

This MBA program can be completed within 15 months with two courses are taken on every 10-week term. Students can take advantage of this platform to learn at their own pace and accessible online. SNHU also offers one of the lowest online rates for this program.

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7. Ball State University’s Online Accelerated MA in Educational Psychology Degree

This university in Indiana offers accelerated learning programs online in the fields of learning and human development. The Master of Arts in Educational Psychology is one of Ball State University’s online courses for students of different academic background wanting to add education into their career.

This course can be finished within 18 months and less than a year if you will take a full load for each term. You also get to earn 30 credits from this short course with 18 credits from core courses and 12 credits any chosen specialization (Gifted and Talented specialization, Human Development, Statistical, and Research Methods, and Neuropsychology).

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8. Becker College’s Fastest Online Master’s Degree Programs

The Becker College has campuses in Worcester, Massachusetts, and Leicester. Students can check out the Center for Accelerated and Professional Studies for available online and accelerated programs of their picking.

Under the School of Graduate and Professional Studies, students can earn their Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling, a 60-credit program. Through the school’s B.A. to M.A. option, eligible undergraduate students can start with their Mental Health Counseling master’s program before they reach their senior year. Becker College also offers the Master of Fine Arts in Interactive Media online which is also a 60-credit program.

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9. The Mercy College’s Fastest Online Master’s Degree Programs

Mercy College is located in Dobbs Ferry, New York, and offers more than 90 academic programs for graduates and undergraduates in five categories: Business, Health, Liberal Arts, Education, Natural Sciences, and Behavioral Sciences. Mercy College is also notable for its Master of Science in Cybersecurity online program.

In fact, the program is recognized by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. As part of a dual degree program, Mercy College’s fast-track online master’s degree in Cybersecurity can be completed in 18 months.

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10. Western Governor University’s Fastest Online Master’s Degree Programs

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, this university is known to provide online platforms suitable for those who want flexibility and to those who don’t have sufficient resources to fund their studies. Under the school’s College of Business Online, Teachers College Online, College of Information Technology Online, and College of Health Professions Online, Western Governors University offer up to 37 accelerated online master’s degrees programs. In these competency-based programs, students work with a Faculty Mentor to optimize their schedules and work through their course materials. Students can transfer their previous learning credits to their desired online master’s program.

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11. Limestone College’s Online Accelerated Master’s of Business Administration

Located in Gaffney, South Carolina, Limestone College offers an accelerated online Masters in Business Administration program. The school takes pride in its Online Masters Degree that are characterized by a simple admission process, quality professors, and networking opportunities for future career growth.

To be eligible for the fast-track MBA program at Limestone College, your current GPA should be 3.5 and you must have completed 90 undergraduate hours, half of which must be completed at Limestone.

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12. Florida State College’s Online Fastest Master’s Degree Programs

This institution is located in Jacksonville, Florida where it offers online programs for students seeking accelerated master’s degrees. They can opt for the +1Planning where they can just add one course every semester and attend school all year to fast-track their learning.

They can take a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) and Accelerated Curriculums focused on obtaining a certain degree, in the fastest way possible. Students may choose from 150+ programs, including fast-track master’s degrees that they can complete online.

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13. Lamar University’s Accelerated MS in Nursing Online

Situated in Beaumont, Texas, Lamar University offers graduate and undergraduate programs in online platforms. They have an 8-week undergraduate accelerated program to earn a degree for those taking it online.

Traditional 15-week formats are also available for those who would want to have a more personal interaction with fellow students.  Students can choose from academic studies in Business, Engineering, Arts and Sciences, and Fine Arts and Communication. Students in the healthcare sector may want to take advantage of their accelerated Master of Science in Nursing online program offered in an 8-week format.

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14. Charter Oak State College’s Online Fastest Master’s Degrees

Charter Oak State College is located in New Britain, Connecticut. It offers accelerated degree programs, including a fast track online master’s, to those with Prior Learning Assessment (PLA).

Students with PLA can use previous credits from college, military experience, and certifications to earn an online master’s degree fast, depending on the number of credits earned and transferred.

Students at Charter Oak State College are pursuing their accelerated online master’s degrees in various academic disciplines in the field of Business, Psychology, Health Information, Cyber Security, and General Studies to name a few.

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15. East Coast Polytechnic University’s Accelerated Online Master’s Degree Programs

Charter Oak State College is located in New Britain, Connecticut. It offers accelerated degree programs, including a fast track online master’s, to those with Prior Learning Assessment (PLA).

Students with PLA can use previous credits from college, military experience, and certifications to earn an online master’s degree fast, depending on the number of credits earned and transferred.

Students at Charter Oak State College are pursuing their accelerated online master’s degrees in various academic disciplines in the field of Business, Psychology, Health Information, Cyber Security, and General Studies to name a few.

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It is important that you master any field or area of study that you delve into. In practice, a bachelor’s degree is not enough to master any field. Most students believe that they cannot return to school to obtain a master’s degree mainly due to the type of work they do and financial limitations.

It is significant that you master any field or territory of study that you dig into. Practically speaking, a four year college education isn’t sufficient to master any field. Most understudies accept that they can’t come back to class to acquire a graduate degree essentially because of the sort of work they do and financial limitations.


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