In today’s world, everything became so easy as well as our education systems. Nowadays, you don’t need to invest four or more years for your bachelor’s degree to get a well-paying job.

You can achieve your career goals and also get a high-paying job by obtaining a professional skill at a trade or vocational school.

To begin your journey, you can start by selecting from the list of trade schools in Chicago.

These schools are helping individuals like you to get into new careers that offer a great professional life and high-rewarding opportunities.

What is a Trade school?

A trade school, sometimes referred to as a vocational school, technical school, or vocational college, is a post-secondary institution that’s designed to give students the technical skills to prepare them for a specific occupation.

Unlike a four-year college, you don’t graduate from a trade school with a bachelor’s degree. Usually, upon completion of the program, you’ll receive a diploma or trade certificate acknowledging you successfully finished. For some programs you can earn an associate degree, which is the degree you get from a two-year college.

In this article, you will get to know about the different trade certification training, classes, and diplomas in Chicago.

A trade school is a type of educational institution, which, depending on the country, may refer to either secondary or post-secondary education[1] designed to provide vocational education, or technical skills required to complete the tasks of a particular and specific job. In the case of secondary education, these schools differ from academic high schools which usually prepare students who aim to pursue tertiary education, rather than enter directly into the workforce. With regard to post-secondary education, vocational schools are traditionally distinguished from four-year colleges by their focus on job-specific training to students who are typically bound for one of the skilled trades[2], rather than providing academic training for students pursuing careers in a professional discipline. While many schools have largely adhered to this convention, the purely vocational focus of other trade schools began to shift in the 1990s “toward a broader preparation that develops the academic” as well as technical skills of their students.[3]


What Are The Benefits of Attending A Trade School in Florida?

  • It requires less time to complete
  • It is Highly Affordable
  • Focuses On Direct Practical Job Preparation
  • Availability of Lucrative Jobs
  • Easy Application Process
  • Smaller Class Size

What Can You Do With A Trade Certificate?

After completing a trade school certificate program, you can get a job directly related to the field you studied in your vocational school program. 

  • Electrician
  • Dental hygienist
  • Plumber
  • carpenter
  • Brick masons
  • Nurse
  • Graphic Designer
  • Welder
  • Computer technician
  • Aircraft mechanic
  • Cosmetologist
  • Chef
  • Marine mechanic
  • Construction manager
  • Massage therapist
  • Pharmacy technician
  • Landscaping

How to Apply to a Trade School in Florida?

The application process of vocational schools in Florida is very simple. They have a central online application on their websites, or you can contact the school for admissions information. Also, there tend to be no application deadlines. You can apply at any time, but you may need to wait for the beginning of your program of interest before you can register.

Additionally, after you complete filling out the application, you may have to interview with an admissions representative.

Trade schools aren’t selective, and most are open enrollment. Most schools and programs don’t ask for SAT/ACT, and you don’t need to write an essay.

Admittance to a technical or vocational school usually requires a high school diploma, GED, or state-approved homeschooling. Furthermore, trade schools won’t ask for references or consider your extracurricular activities when determining admission.

Here we suggest you some top trade schools. Find Below

Top Trade Schools in Florida in 2020

List of Top Trade Schools In Florida

  • Hillsborough Community College
  • Tallahassee Community College
  • Charlotte Technical College
  • Traviss Technical College
  • North Florida Community College
  • Florida Technical College
  • Florida State College at Jacksonville
  • Altierus Career College
  • Atlantic Technical College
  • Tampa School of Real Estate
  • IFREC Real Estate Schools
  • Florida Tech
  • Bryan University
  • Southern Technical College
  • Lively Technical College

Here, we presented you some of the 15 top trade schools in Chicago for you to apply. You can develop your skills and obtain knowledge with the help of those trade schools and get started with a new career to create a new journey for your life and achieve your dream jobs. Hope you will find your match from our top trade schools list.


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